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  1. ironkilo

    Kam1Kaz Application

    Nice to see your app. I edited to remove the sponsor.
  2. ironkilo

    Unit application by SeaDaddy

    Hey,, Please stop our TS and look for the peeps with the green squares. the link to ts is on the right side of this page
  3. ironkilo

    Newest mech pilot to begin training

    congrats Decoy!!!
  4. ironkilo

    Unit application by Zauv.

    cool man, have fun, see ya in a few weeks
  5. ironkilo

    Unit application by Whiskiz

    How long ago did you leave CWI? Did you play in NBT with CWI (about 2 years ago)? I came from CWI (but that doesnt guarantee anything). Please stop by our practice nights: Mon and Thurs 930PM EST.
  6. ironkilo

    Unit application by Karsolan

    based on the Quebec location, you should be the same as EST (i think). however, since you say you work until midnight which is 9pm my time, it might be best for you to check with the Aussie group.
  7. ironkilo

    Unit application by Karsolan

    hello, you left before I could put tags on you. We have practices Mon and Thurs 930pm PT
  8. ironkilo

    Unit application by Malstryfe

    Good drops today. I think there potential, but it will depend on how well you pick up what we teach. Keep dropping with us
  9. ironkilo

    Any 228 members in the San Jose area?

    i could probably drive up to San Francisco on saturday for the day.
  10. ironkilo

    Unit application by Wounded Crow

    hello, Please stop by our TS and start dropping with us. feel free to poke me if you see me (Iron Kilo)
  11. ironkilo

    Unit application by Drew

    Come by our TS and drop with us
  12. ironkilo

    Application of Fluffy the Gryphon

    Have not seen you on recently. Hit me up for some 1v1s
  13. ironkilo

    Application of Darkscion0

    Hello, Hit me up when you get online, I would like to do some 1v1s
  14. ironkilo

    Unit application by dances with masc

    you did good during the scrim. Need to work on a few things but overall good
  15. ironkilo

    It's happening.

    hey RJ i would like to shoutcast a match or two as well. how can I do that?
  16. ironkilo

    Help! Dad is poor!

    I can chip in as well
  17. ironkilo

    Stroking the Epeen

    Dual PPCs
  18. ironkilo

    24 Hour Movember Mechathon Sat Nov 19th 8am CST

    will be on with for a few hours
  19. ironkilo

    Unit Reminder...

    first time anything has been said.... obviously though if Greystoke said it was a 228 guy, most likely he had 228 tags. We dont know if the offending player is still with 228 or not.  I doubt its one of the EX-206th guys though they were pretty chill people.
  20. ironkilo

    Unit Reminder...

    Greystoke is a real cool guy and shouldnt be treated like that. Dont think he would make it up either. Definitely agree with you.