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    Congratulations to 228th Black Watch for making it to 3rd place in the MechWarrior Online World Championships 2017. The full team of 12 came to Vancouver for the first time, competing at MechCon 2017 against two returning finalist teams. 228th Black Watch prevailed to show us true sportsmanship...
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    [Travel has been funded!] Send Dad to MechCon

    The Airline had a sale on so I paid out of pocket about 15% of the fare, so as of right now I'm going! So I can cross that off the list! I will be flying in on the 7th and leaving on the 10th. Now I just need to deal with the issue of accommodations for the stay there!
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    Shimmering Sword's (R13's Commission) 228th Summoner

    Looks awesome! Source:
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    [Travel has been funded!] Send Dad to MechCon

    With the few new donations (even one from a person in a different unit) I'm about 70% to my goal for airfare. Thank you very much all!
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    [Travel has been funded!] Send Dad to MechCon

    I'm currently at 33% to my Airfare there. Thanks again all!
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    [Travel has been funded!] Send Dad to MechCon

    Thank you to those that donated so far!. I'm currently at 22% to my Airfare there.
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    [Travel has been funded!] Send Dad to MechCon

    Send Dad to Mech-Con Background & Rationale As you all know, Mech-Con in Vancouver is fast approaching. With our "Black Watch" team in the finals as well as various of you going independently it looks like a good time is going to be had by all. Well I would like to go if I can. The issues with...
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    Mechcon....Who's going?

    I have person issues with taking charity but if it gets me to mech-con..... And I guess there is enough of you that would donate to get me there, Argh...... I'll think on it
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    I Am The One That Controls The Blade

    "Grimmers" Now that is a name I haven't heard in a long time
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    Mechcon....Who's going?

    Yea, if only I was some sort of sub-par streamer I could get my trip paid for :P
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    Mechcon....Who's going?

    I may be going... of course I have to find the money to do it :/
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    Forum Gold

    Meanwhile, in the Brown Sea...
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    Civil War Update

    Annihilator, Cougar, Madcat MKII and Uziel and New Tech!
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    ForumWarrior Online

    ForumWarrior Online
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    Help! Dad is poor!

    I was leaning towards xenforo ( mostly due to better programmers went to that project from vbull) and it's 2.0 release looks really polished ( though not released yet) the free solution to the forums are all looking like shit SMF was really the only one I liked due too it SSI functions
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    Get your own 228 Hanging item

    that fact it's off center drives me ape-shit
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    Make your own 228th Decal

    For the record he really did do this....
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    Is TheB33f still playing?