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    Wind of Horror Application

    Hey Wind, Our main NA battalion (Swamp Foxes) has practice tonight around 9-9:30pm EST. The most important thing for them is that you show up to practices (as opposed to just drop with unit members) as far as finding yourself a sponsor in the unit is concerned, so try to make it tonight if you...
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    See I told you guys that nobody would know I was in the middle of eating pizza in the fourth picture with a slice behind my back. Perfect : ok_hand :
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    Unit application by Whiskiz

    We have an Oceanic battalion (Wild Ones) if you would prefer more normal, evening hours your time. I don’t know what your schedule is like (we have plenty of guys who work night shifts and who play with teams outside of their region as a result) but don’t think you have to be playing in the...
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    Stroking the Epeen

    Since I believe the last patch, airstrikes don't count towards damage numbers, but they do count for assists (we've tested it in group queue).
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    Stroking the Epeen

    Air strike? I think that’s the only possible way. Even bumping or MGs would do at least 1 unless you tried intentionally not to do damage.
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    Hello everyone

    Thanks for the sentiment. Good luck with all the brewing stuff! :)
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    Hello from the other side.

    NBT, World Tourney, the usual. 'Sup!
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    Unit application by FunSizeSpaz

    You know the drill. Best of luck! Swamp Fox practices have been moved to Mon/Thurs btw.
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    Unit application by ROSCO

    Wild Ones he's all yours
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    Mechcon....Who's going?

    Again, it falls near the end of the semester for me and I am but a poor college student, so if I'm not going out to play, I probably won't be attending this year.
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    Potato Duel

    All I can say is, I've seen worse.
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    CWX 1v1 Tourny this Sat. 48hrs of Prem Time just for enterting.

    This on the 1v1 map I assume?
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    Unit application by Lilamma

    I remember you... sup :) Yes Elahen is still lurking in TS occasionally, although I don't know how much MWO he actually plays anymore :P
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    Stroking the Epeen

    Damage is nothing special, but I just don't want to forget how after surviving a 1v3 brawl with a HBK-4SP, an SRM LBK, and a laservom LBK, it was me and this Hunchback left against their last guy, who is in a fresh (like 95% health) laservom LBK. I'm rotating back to the Hunchback in my roached...
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    Unit application by Deven Combs

    Getting sponsored is kind of the end of the process here. It's normal to apply without having one. Just play with our members, try to attend unit practices, and if the officers decide you're a good enough pilot one of them will sponsor you into the unit. NA combined battalion practices are 9pm...
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    There should be a couple threads floating around in the Golden Talons forums which deal with which mechs you want to pick up (think there's one in the Swamp Fox forums as well). I know Johnny replied to at least one with a full list.
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    228th Discord Server (free memes inside)

    Are all the text channels read only or do I need to reboot the mobile app?
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    Always stick with the team, guys

    Erm, can you explain what you meant by this?
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    It's happening.

    I too am kind of interested about the process. 'Course I haven't even set up a Twitch account yet so I'd have to do that or just be a co-caster :P