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    Preparing a 228th XCOM 2 Long War stream/run

    I'll accept cosmetic mods, but I don't want mods that will take away from the Long War mod.
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    Preparing a 228th XCOM 2 Long War stream/run

    Just like when I did XCOM 1, I'll be doing an XCOM 2 run. There has been some changes this time around to the mechanics and game play. I can create actual squads now. There are more classes to choose from, more skills/trees as the soldier ranks up, more items as well. More content over all.
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    228 (5) vs EON (1) MWOWC

    Other matches played: EmP vs OZ 228 vs EmP SJR vs EON RJFS vs EON RJFS vs Oz
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    228 (5) vs JGx (4) MWOWC

    also played... WDMC vs RJFS TCAF vs Oz EmP vs PHL SJR vs TCAF 228O vs PHL
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    228 (5) vs SJR (12) MWOWC

    Followed by D5 (6) vs Oz (11)
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    Dude... FORUM RIGHTS :D

    Not forgotten, Ironkilo asked me if I had the power to do so. I told him yes. I'm still waiting for @ironkilo to give me said list of people who needs forum access.
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    MRBC S9 Results

    Black Watch - 3rd place NA Div A Swamp Foxes - 5th place NA Div B Death From Above - 4th place NA Div C Wild Ones - 2nd place AP Div A Golden Talons - 3rd place EU Div B
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    Any 228 members in the San Jose area?

    Finish top 3 and you go to mechcon for free
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    Any 228 members in the San Jose area?

    Then drive down to San Diego
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    Stroking the Epeen
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    Im Back...finally

    Maelas? More like Girl Ass, mmm hmmm
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    It's happening.

    lol need to make sure you bring up NTEX's $500 challenge! I kid I kid...
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    Application of Radi0active

    Applications are public
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    2017 World Championships

    I'm sure there will be some discussion on it this Friday when they do the Comp. scene Round Table
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    Civil War Update

    Dad still poor
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    March Mech Madness 1v1 tournament

    stock or not mastered > basic
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    March Mech Madness 1v1 tournament

    that drop 5 urbanmech rule...
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    Added even more monitors to my rig today.

    Required setup for leadership of D.O.N.T. battalion
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    Battletech Email...