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  1. DecoyTheDad

    Newest mech pilot to begin training

    Decoythedad has produced another pilot for the ranks... free born, no clones here!!!
  2. DecoyTheDad


    Does anyone play this game? If so, I am working on a birthday gift and am wondering if anyone would think these were worth purchasing. I 3d printed them and have been adding a bit of paint. Here are the Ore, Wood, and Desert hexes that I have finished. Actually, I still need to do the...
  3. DecoyTheDad

    Name Change

    When I wanted to change my name on the website, I just asked in this forum. Poor tagged @Queenblade and it happened. You are allowed one free name change in game and I used that since I had been using the same name since I started playing.
  4. DecoyTheDad

    Name Change

    I'm not exactly sure. I asked here, and it happened.
  5. DecoyTheDad

    Name Change

    Thank you
  6. DecoyTheDad

    Name Change

    I have changed my name in game to DecoyTheDad. Is it possible to change it on this website?
  7. DecoyTheDad

    Stroking the Epeen

    Best CW match I have ever had.... and we lost...
  8. DecoyTheDad

    Make your own 228th Decal

    318. Black, black, green. 228. Halimedes version.
  9. DecoyTheDad

    Stroking the Epeen

  10. DecoyTheDad

    Stroking the Epeen

  11. DecoyTheDad

    old game, but good just the same

    StarCraft and StarCraft: Brood War are now free.
  12. DecoyTheDad

    Vote for Bongo!

    Gotcha covered.
  13. DecoyTheDad

    Ice Pirates

    Does anyone else think the Grasshopper looks like the robots from the old move Ice Pirates??
  14. DecoyTheDad

    Added even more monitors to my rig today.

    I dig it.