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    Congrats, Virtually Dark.

    that was a nice fight
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    Watch the Mech Con 2017 stream or be uncool.

    kinda.. the Rhodes stream had a number of wildones watching it in Melbourne. with our added commentary and shenanigans
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    Watch the Mech Con 2017 stream or be uncool.

    there's a better stream to watch. rhodes65.
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    Mechcon....Who's going?

    only 654.... i looked it up and it was going to be $2200... but then I'm flying from aus
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    Unit application by High Grade AI

    hey mate, jump on our ts and look for the red squares. send a poke to somone and they should be able to drag you down.
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    Unit application by Saber6

    triple sponsor,
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    Unit application by Ferg0naut

    It's with a fully charged glass at a lonely bar in a quiet country town at the end of a long and dusty road that after a moment of thought and contemplation that I support and sponsor this application.
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    JUNE Patch Notes are up, and this is going to be interesting.

    agree on the grasshoppers, unless held at max range, the blk i think actually is kinda a buff, more tanky less rangy which really it wasn't to begin with
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    Unit application by Lilamma

    hey mate, might be best for go for 226 wildones as the Aussie battalion. we're on most evenings. hit us up
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    Unit application by MightyMse

    Hey Mate, Good to see some more RZER guys, as with your fellow mates, jump on our TS looking for the red squared ones and send us a poke to be dragged down into the groups.
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    Unit Application by David McCarthy

    Great drops with you and the other guys last night. we'll need to organise some play through scrims/lobbies with others. But otherwise very solid.
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    Unit application by WarlordGandhi

    hey mate, Jump in our TS and look for the red squared people, send them a poke and if we're not in a comp match or similar will drag you down to drop with us.
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    2017 World Championships

    wish i'd thought of this and stated, 'when offering for a drink on stage during the matches IT'S ACTUALLY BROUGHT TO US yes it was an alcoholic drink but so what'
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    Vote for Bongo!

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    Homebrewing - A drunk is making booze

    leave the rest sit for another month or 2. i did a batch years ago was shit initially. let it sit for 3-6mths and it came good.
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    Keep up the good work

    and because it's such a rare photo.. it didn't load.
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    Battletech Email...

    what part.. you playing or skeletor in flight jacket and boxers?
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    Keep up the good work

    wait.. what have we done now?
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    Keep up the good work

    love it!
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    Stroking the Epeen

    doubt it was dakka... he tends to overheat and go boom on that one.