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May 17, 2019
What your login is in MWO? Mar X maN

What battalion are you applying for? 17th Hussar "Golden Talons"

Do you have a Sponsor? Not at this time.

What is the timezone where you are located? Berlin, Germany

Do you speak any languages other than English? German

Have you ever been or are you currently a member of another MechWarrior Online unit? yes

What do you feel is your strongest weight class, play style, and your best mech(s)? I play everything. Heavies probably the best. Love the Mad Cat as mobile lrm striker.

Do you have any competitive experience? No.

Do you have Team Speak 3 installed and willing to use it for voice comms with the 228th IBR?. Yes.

Could you tell us a bit about yourself? Been playing Mechwarrior since MW2. Used to play with a few teams in faction play. I can follow orders and keep com discipline.

Why are you interested in joining 228IBR? there seem to be not many units left. I want to play in a unit that can muster a full team for faction play when it returns.

What are your expectations of and for the 228th IBR? I don't expect much. I'll be happy to be a reserve player.

Are there any additional skills that you can offer the 228th? I can roll cigarettes

Any other comments? I have 130 mechs, mostly Heros and 600 million cbills to buy required mechs