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Grayfox Application

May 30, 2019
What your login is in MWO?:

What battalion are you applying for?:

Do you have a Sponsor?:

What is the timezone where you are located?:
US East

Do you speak any languages other than English?:
negative ghost rider

Have you ever been or are you currently a member of another MechWarrior Online unit?:
Yes but untagged, only came back to the game a month or so ago.

What do you feel is your strongest weight class, play style, and your best mech(s)?:
My strongest weight class atm is Mediums I really like the insane firepower you can get with decent maneuverability. I can still play Lights really well since I mained them back in the day but they just don't feel the same anymore. Heavies are probably what I am not really struggling with stat wise but I just don't really know how I feel about them overall outside of a few Chassis. And assaults are a double edged sword. TL/DR I can play them all, depends on the mech.

I tend to be an aggressive player by nature, always looking for a good peek angle or flank, But I can temper that back just as easily.

Best mechs atm would probably be a bunch of overpowered stomp mechs since I haven't played comp recently. Mad Cat MKII, Vapor Eagles , Hellbringer , the Piranha is nasty though I still think I like the javelin more just because jump jets....even though that probably wouldn't be used much.

Do you have any competitive experience?:
007, GK , SJR I want to say around 2012-2014 15? , played in pretty much every league that was going on back then. Main ones were probably MRBC and RHOD

Do you have Team Speak 3 installed and willing to use it for voice comms with the 228th IBR?:

Could you tell us a bit about yourself?: I am over 30 happily married my outside game interests tend to be craft brewing my own beer, sailing with a buddy of mine, Brewery touring with the Wife and friends. Otherwise pretty average life work/sleep. I have been playing FPS games for years probably my favorite genre, followed by good storytelling these days.

Why are you interested in joining 228IBR?: I am looking to get back into competitive and I figure this is probably the best fit for me atm.

What are your expectations of and for the 228th IBR?: I expect people to be able to play as a team, and get along personality wise. Good drop decks situational awareness that sort of thing. I expect to be challenged in practices and I hope to challenge others just as much if not more. I can be very competitive and I expect the same mindset from others around me. At the same time keep a chill air if possible, I know tempers flare every now and then but at the end of the day everyone should be on the same team.

Are there any additional skills that you can offer the 228th?: Good aim, Pew Pew, Good Times
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