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Hammer 13 App, when the only tool you have is a Hammer everything looks like a nail.

Jan 15, 2016
What your login is in MWO? Hammer 13

What battalion are you applying for? Any/none (I'd be happy being the "B" team if I can train the winners it's fine by me, just don't start crying when I start beating you)

Do you have a Sponsor? Nope

What is the timezone where you are located? Central

Do you speak any languages other than English?Some Italian(enough to get you laid or drunk in Sicily)

Have you ever been or are you currently a member of another MechWarrior Online unit? I was in the Templars for about 2 years, ECLP for a year.

What do you feel is your strongest weight class, play style, and your best mech(s)?
Anything that hits like a freight train. I am 'overly aggressive" according to past teammates. I have a few "range" mechs but they require some face time. And I don't run anything I cannot brawl in, not that it's effective but s*it happens.

Do you have any competitive experience?
None in MWO. Just trying to do better than i did the last game. Every game........Outside of MWO, Marathons, Triathlons, hunting and I try to be a better me every day. If I competed with everyone else I'd have settled already.

Do you have Team Speak 3 installed and willing to use it for voice comms with the 228th IBR?. Yes.

Could you tell us a bit about yourself?
I'm 45, been playing since NM95. This is the only game I play. If I have time, i play.

Why are you interested in joining 228IBR? Several of my old teammates have come here. I've never heard anything bad (cheating accusations) about 228.

What are your expectations of and for the 228th IBR? I have been in 2 teams that were 'building' new players. I have played MWO for years, I'm tired of trying to build. I want to join an established Team and make them better. Make me better.

Are there any additional skills that you can offer the 228th?
Leadership. I have on more than a few occasions led pugs to beat 12 mans in CW. Be a cheerleader, make them believe, do the last thing they'd expect....and win. Have a plan, execute, and when it falls apart, make it up and act like you knew that was gonna happen. You'd be surprised.

Any other comments?
I love MechWarrior. I do not love MWO, but it's what we have. I started with Mechwarrior 1. Played them all, but never the board game or read the books(I don't care about lore). Ran my own one man unit in NM95 days (90's Steel Vipers). Strategy and anticipating what the enemy will do is my strongest attribute. Adapting to the situation when the plan goes to crap...I do that better than most I think.