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Mar 7, 2017
Make sure you understand what your goals and expectations are going to be in the 228th. To aid in reaching those goals you will also need an established member of our unit as a Sponsor(s) to join The 228th. There is no exception. Your sponsor is there to answer questions, train, and introduce you to the team.

We are looking for pilots with a teamwork-oriented attitude. You must be willing to learn, as well as to share the knowledge you have with others, to benefit from as well as contribute to the unit.

Lastly, it is our belief that players who wish to be members of the 228th IBR are aggressive and seek to a higher level of play at all times even as casuals. Because of this we expect our members to take initiative when it comes to the unit both in game and out.

Our Current Recruiting needs and the main contact are:

Battalion - Contact - Status
48th Striker "Black Watch" - panicbutton - Strict, invitation only
318th Heavy Assault "Swamp Foxes" - IronKilo - Open, but selective
226th Dragoon "The Wild Ones" - Kageru - Open, but selective
17th Hussar "Golden Talons" - Bermoph - Open, but selective
206th Battle "Death from Above" - RjBass3 - Open, but selective

Our Current Recruiters

48th Striker "Black Watch"
  • Panicbutton
  • Edmiester
318th Heavy Assault "Swamp Foxes"
226th Dragoon "The Wild Ones"
17th Hussar "Golden Talons"
206th Battle "Death from Above"
  • Rjbass3
  • Ascaloth
  • Lokamis

*Please note all applicants will be required to pay the cost of their unit invite upon joining.
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