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Unit application by West Santin

Jan 7, 2018
What your login is in MWO? West Santin

What battalion are you applying for? Uhm which one is the European one :oops:

Do you have a Sponsor? Did some FP group drops with Jay-Z and the Oceanics, hanging out on RJs and NeedaPickles Stream mostly.

What is the timezone where you are located? GMT +1 - central Europe.

Do you speak any languages other than English?

Have you ever been or are you currently a member of another MechWarrior Online unit?
Currently ClanNovaCatInternational.

What do you feel is your strongest weight class, play style, and your best mech(s)?
As a loyal clanner mostly clan mechs like Hunchback IIC-A (Dual Er Large 6 ER Meds) Hellbringer (2 HvyMeds 4 ER Meds), NovaCatCC (Dual Gauss Dual ER Large), NightGyr (Dual Gauss Triple ER MED as I bought the wrong variant ) Mad-IIC-D (Dual Gauss Dual ER Large) Deathstrike (Dual Gauss dual ER Large 4 ER Med) - tldr : mostly gauss vomit.

I'm not (yet) so much into IS mech but my all time IS favourite is my dual Gauss quad ER MED Warhammer 6R.

Do you have any competitive experience?

Do you have Team Speak 3 installed and willing to use it for voice comms with the 228th IBR?. Yes

Could you tell us a bit about yourself?
Started playin MWO a year ago. Battletech experience since tie 90s - first mech played back then was a crusader (a mech I still wanted to see in MWO )
Personal : 37 years old, IT-Admin - playin way too much MWO as I supposed to do

Why are you interested in joining 228IBR? Saw a lot of your games available , watched all WC streams and many of your unit members streaming. Head the honor to do some FP drops with Jay-Z and I liked the discipline and teamwork even though it "only" was FP.

What are your expectations of and for the 228th IBR?
To become member of a great community who is (and that's proofen) willing to play MWO in a serious and competitive way which many other units lack of.
I'm willing to change/adapt my playstile to the units need to become a valuable member of 228.

Are there any additional skills that you can offer the 228th?
As an IT-Admin I can offer support for troubles with computers .

Any other comments?
Feel free to ask me ingame or in TS.


Death from Above
Nov 26, 2015
Hey West, welcome. Hop on our TS when you get the chance. Address is ts3server:// Try to hook up with the yellow squares if interested in working with the Euros or just feel free to drop in with the green, blue or red squares. I'm not sure when the Euros practice schedule is, so you will have to find out from them. See you around man